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Bass overtakes harmonica as fifth most popular oldtime instrument
Augusta reschedules to February
Lonesome John discovers Tinder
Confused bluegrass guitar player keeps asking himself, “Where’s the f**king one?”
Bruce Molsky slowly coming to grips with the fact he has groupies
“Lost Indian” Exactly Where He’s Supposed To Be
Lost Girl found
West Virginia oldtime musicians narrowly avert brawl by not talking about politics
Records reveal oldtime royalty not really royal
National Endowment for the Arts grants $12.15 and a six-pack of Mtn Dew to compose “Tenth of January”
Asheville, NC banjo player can’t decide whether to wear his Red Wing or Frye boots to tonight’s jam
Mississippi Sawyer displaced by chainsaw
Scienticists shocked to discover that oldtime is actually still new
Drunken frat boy assaulted after requesting “Wagon Wheel” not once, but twice
Clifftop Strip Tease Competition Update: Contestants Asked Not To Remove G-string
Term “oldtime” deemed politically insensitive to the elderly
Local New Haven djembe player subtly uninvited to next jam
Pig’s foot officially too far in the fire
Banjo uke given presidential pardon
After a decade of brave resistance, Midwest fiddler Laura Heinmann finally retunes to cross A
Springfield police officer Matt Stevens enters mental freeze when he uncovers local punks playing oldtime music
All tunes played at 140 bpm at first ever Missouri slow jam
New Study Shows Waltzes Reduce Time Signature By 25% In Mice
Wife of Vermont oldtime fiddler hasn’t seen husband “in decades”
Phrase “one more tune” found to be potentially misleading
Stickerville Toilets Vandalized: Police Have Nothing To Go On
Ralph Stanley switches to banjo, harmonica “too hard”
Maybe the tune is straight and the rest of the world is crooked. Woah!
Netherton returns to melody after long separation

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Breathing new life into Missouri fiddling: John P. Williams

Introduction John P. Williams is an oldtime fiddler from Madison, Missouri who grew up deeply entrenched in the tradition...

“It’s the tunes that matter and the people that play them.”

Many people have told me over the last several years that I certainly have lived an interesting and exciting life. I...

George Jackson – interview + tunes

I grew up about as far away geographically from the regions where old-time music originated as you could imagine, but American...

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The Old Time Rollick

Have you ever had one of those life changing moments when you become acutely aware that everything will be different from...

Fiddler’s Grove in Union Grove, North Carolina: A Review

In May of this year I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Now I was born and raised in Western Kentucky and...

Clifftop: a Beginner’s Guide

All photos by Sandra Parks Three to four thousand old-time musicians, all in one place. If you’re one...

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Oldtime on the Prairie: a review of Farmhouse Fiddlers

Between 1976 and 1985 fiddler and ethnographer Philip Martin conducted extensive interviews with more than 100 older-generation fiddlers and musicians in...

Hoedowns, Reels, and Frolics: Roots and Branches of Southern Appalachian Dance

A friend once quipped that the name of the main Facebook page for the music we all love should be retitled,...

Banjo Billy’s “500 Fiddle Tunes: Old-Time Archive”

When I was nine years old, my fiddle teacher sent me to a workshop from the “Famous Fiddlin’ Banjo Billy Mathews.”...

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Myth and Reason in Oldtime

I have played old-time fiddle for a very long time. In 1970 when I was twenty years old I moved from...

Missouri Rules of Harmony?

For over 20 years I played guitar in the Hoover Uprights, with Bill Schmidt (fiddle), Dave Rice (harmonica), Kate Brett (banjo),...

Decolonizing the Music (Room)

Brandi Pace is an African-American music educator, now teaching elementary music in Fort Worth, Texas for almost a decade.  She is also...

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Creating a Safer Space in Traditional Music

In October of this year, a small group of active traditional musicians established a new Facebook group called "Traditional Music Today." In...

Old-Time on the Danube: Why We Play

Musical communities are interesting studies in human psychology. You find them in just about every population on Earth: groups of people who come together...

Keeping Old Time

If in the last ten years your travels have brought you through Asheville, North Carolina, you will have noticed something odd:...