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Brian Slattery is a reporter, editor, and musician living just outside of New Haven, CT. He's a member of The Moon Shells (www.themoonshells.com).


“Goin’ Down to ‘Leven Point” The Ozark Highballers

Let me get straight to the point. The Ozark Highballers’ latest release "Goin’ Down to ‘Leven Point" puts a huge smile on my face every time I listen to it. And I’ve listened to it a lot. There is nothing clinical...

Oldtime Bow Holds: lesson with Craig Judelman

There's lots of confusion about how to hold the bow in oldtime fiddle. In this video Craig Judelman breaks down a variety of different bow holds and discusses their various merits. There's no one right way, but lots of options. See what...

Paul Kirk: Tune of the Week

Paul Kirk is an Ohio-based fiddler and teacher who for many years has been posting videos of fun and often rare oldtime tunes through his Tune of the Week (TOTW). In his videos, Kirk shares the tunes as well as historical information...

Dakota Karper – interview + tunes

It is a natural human instinct to want to express yourself. To feel that you are heard and will not be forgotten when your time on earth is done. We find many ways to express ourselves - long winded words, striking...

Oldtime Bow Technique: lesson with Craig Judelman

Most oldtime fiddlers will tell you that the real stuff is in the bowing. It can easily take a lifetime to work through the intricacies of all that happens in oldtime fiddle bowing. But you gotta start somewhere. In this video oldtime...