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Debra’s 5th year as Rollick host, she plays guitar, banjo, mando and sings in The Farwells with Becca Wintle; Lonesome Sisters with Sarah Hawker; has toured with Ginny & Tracy; Val Mindel; Old Buck with Emily Schaad, Riley Baugus & Sabra Guzman and the The Waggonhoppers, a UK band with Jock Tyldesley & Vera Van Heeringen.


Ask Craig: FAQ for oldtime fiddle

Here Craig Judelman gives answers to some of the most common questions oldtime fiddlers have. Of course, in oldtime there are no "right" answers, but Craig's combination of experience and technical knowledge is surely a great place to start.

The Bones and Musical Repatriation

Dom Flemons, quoted frequently in last week’s article by Timothy Jones on rhythm bones and old-time music, here tells his story of discovering bones, and how he has integrated them into his vibrant and extensive musicianship as a former member of the...

Gimme that Old-Time Rhythm

At first, as I was coming to love oldtime music as an adult, I found it curious that percussion and rhythm instruments seemed to play such a minor role. Having played the drums while growing up in California in the 1970s,...

Tricia Spencer: interview + tunes

Like all performers and teaching musicians, Tricia Spencer’s life looks a lot different this year. While she’d typically be in the middle of festival season and travelling to oldtime camps around the country to teach and perform alongside her musical collaborator...

Sourwood Mountain: oldtime fiddle lesson with Craig Judelman

Oldtime fiddler Craig Judelman teaches the classic Sourwood Mountain, similar to versions by Clark Kessinger, Ernie Carpenter and Albert Hash, but one he's made his own. It's a fun tune to jam out on and even learn a few of the lyrics....