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John Crutchfield is a writer and theater artist who currently makes his home in Asheville, North Carolina, where he plays banjo and guitar and occasionally sings in the area's lively Old-Time music scene. He's also lived in Germany at various points in his life –– most recently Berlin –– and at present he teaches German at the local branch of the University of North Carolina.


Kansas City Rag: Fiddle lesson with Craig Judelman

In this lesson Craig Judelman teaches the classic Midwest tune "Kansas City Rag". This tune was well known in the repertoires of Missouri fiddlers Pete McMahan, Jimmy Gilmore, Lyman Enloe, and Ray "Pick" Johnson. Judelman presents his own version here, inspired...

Cameron Knowler: Melodic Guitar in Oldtime Music

Although oldtime guitar is arguably one of the most underrated and overlooked instruments in the tradition, Cameron Knowler is quick to point out that strong, engaging back-up is crucial to the “nutrition” of any fiddle tune.  Cameron uses...

Creating a Safer Space in Traditional Music

In October of this year, a small group of active traditional musicians established a new Facebook group called "Traditional Music Today." In the few weeks of its existence it has grown very quickly and gotten strong responses from many in the community....

Laurel Premo and “The Iron Trios”: An Interview

“When I interact with American fiddle music, it’s hard to distinguish between the sounds that I’m actually hearing and the music that is happening inside of me. From the rhythms of my body reacting in dance, or the way vibrations from...

Old Folks Get in Bed: fiddle lesson with Craig Judelman

In the 1920s, Georgia fiddler Oscar Ford and fellow bandmate Walter Morris made a number of great recordings including this one: Old Folks Get in Bed. Craig Judelman teaches this great tune and gives some tips on adding drone strings and...