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Melissa a fiddle player and founding organizer of Mud City Old-Time Society in Eugene, OR. She would love to hear your thoughts. Drop her a line.


Sally Ann, the Gal I Like: Fiddle Lesson with Craig Judelman

In this lesson Craig teaches a tune that he learned from Bruce Greene. Bruce learned it, in turn, from Snake Chapman. Recording of the tune by Snake Chapman, on Slippery Hill This fuller history below is...

Fiddlin’: an interview with the makers

Fiddlin' (2019) is the first full-length documentary about one of the greatest oldtime festivals around: The Old Fiddler's Convention in Galax, Virginia. Directed and produced by two sisters local to the area, the film is an insightful celebration of the music and...

Meredith McIntosh: interview + tunes

Old Time Music came to me after I had not played any music for several years.  My mother taught piano and music in the elementary school and my dad played sax in college and the community band. Records played...

What is oldtime anyway? Heresy and Orthodoxy

The joke goes something like this: Two Old-Time oldtimers are taking their sweet old time on a morning constitutional through the sunny glades of Clifftop. They pass a tent with a fiddle-and-bongo duo. “That ain't Old-Time,” says the one. “Nope,” says...

Old Cumberland: fiddle lesson with Craig Judelman

In this lesson Craig Judelman teaches a great modern oldtime tune: Old Cumberland. It's just a little crooked and thoroughly addictive, plus not everyone plays it (yet). Earl White's version has been quite well known for a few years, but the one...