Blackest Crow: Fiddle lesson with Craig Judelman


In this lesson, Craig Judelman teaches the classic ballad “The Blackest Crow” also called “As Time Draws Near” or “My Dearest Dear”. A slow waltz, Judelman shows bowing options for playing in three and offers various turns and chords to bring the simple melody to life.

Lyrics (Tommy Jarrell version)

As time draws near my dearest dear, when you and I must part
But little you know of the grief and woe of my poor aching heart
It’s what I suffer for your sake, you’re the one I love so dear
I wish that I was going with you and you was staying here

I wish my breast was made of glass, wherein you might behold
For there your name lies wrote my dear, in letters made of gold
Oh there you name lies wrote my dear, believe me what I say
You are the one I love the best until my dying day

The crow that is so black my love may surely turn to white
If ever I prove false to you, bright day may turn to night
Bright day may turn to night my love, the elements will mourn
If ever I prove false to you, the seas may rage and burn

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A section:
D  – (C)  – G  – G  
G  – G  – Em – Em 
D  – (C)  – G  – G  
G  – G  – Em – Em

B section:
G  – G  – G  – G  
C  – C  – G  – G  
D  – (C)  – G  – G  
G  – G  – Em – Em

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