Cameron Knowler: Melodic Guitar in Oldtime Music


Although oldtime guitar is arguably one of the most underrated and overlooked instruments in the tradition, Cameron Knowler is quick to point out that strong, engaging back-up is crucial to the “nutrition” of any fiddle tune. 

Cameron uses his experience as a bluegrass and jazz guitarist as a foundation for how he approaches his role as an oldtime musician. Citing influences such as Riley Puckett, Norman Blake, and Maybell Carter, Cameron takes a melodic, thoughtful guitar approach, pulling in driving melody lines to complement and add texture to fiddle tunes. He self-released his debut album “Honey Off a Rock” in April of 2019. 

Cameron discusses the role flatpicking and melodic-style guitar can have in oldtime. 

Cameron believes guitar is crucial to contributing to the overall texture of a tune.

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Cameron is in the process of penning an instructional book exploring the political disparity of melodic guitar in bluegrass and oldtime music. His record can be downloaded on Bandcamp. 


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