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Is oldtime out of tune?

Whether we admit it or not, almost all of us have had that moment of listening to an oldtime fiddler – it's almost always the fiddler – and cringing. "Oh good...

David Bragger & Susan Platz – tunes and interview

In 2017 David Bragger and Susan Platz released the first oldtime album featuring dual fiddle on all tracks: King's Lament. Bragger is well known as a methodical teacher and highly rhythmic...

Hog-Eyed Man: Old World Music of the Southern Appalachians

There is something inherently magical about being invited into someone’s parlor only to be inundated with sound, spectacle and joy. One may walk in, grab a hot drink and sit nearby...

Lonesome John – fiddle lesson with George Jackson

George Jackson is a wonderful New Zealand-born, Nashville-based oldtime fiddler and a great, methodical teacher to boot. In this video he teaches a classic modal cross tune by John Salyer: Lonesome John....