Gilsaw – fiddle lesson with John P. Williams

John P. Williams is a wonderful fiddler from the "Little Dixie" region of North Missouri. This part of the country was strongly influenced by a handful of outstanding fiddlers of the...

Blackest Crow: Fiddle lesson with Craig Judelman

In this lesson, Craig Judelman teaches the classic ballad "The Blackest Crow" also called "As Time Draws Near" or "My Dearest Dear". A slow waltz, Judelman shows bowing options for playing...

Shortnin’ Bread: Fiddle lesson with Craig Judelman

In this lesson Craig Judelman teaches the classic American folk song "Shortnin' Bread". In some versions of the song, shortnin' bread is fed to sick children on the plantation in an...

Oldtime Bow Technique: lesson with Craig Judelman

Most oldtime fiddlers will tell you that the real stuff is in the bowing. It can easily take a lifetime to work through the intricacies of all that happens in oldtime fiddle...

Liza Jane – banjo lesson with Hilarie Burhans

In this video, Hilarie Burhans of Athens, Ohio teaches the tune "Liza Jane" on clawhammer banjo. This is a fairly standard "festival" version of the tune, and one that she's been playing...

Handsome Molly: Fiddle Lesson with Craig Judelman

Here at Oldtime Central we are very excited to have the accomplished and versatile Craig Judelman teaching some oldtime fiddle tunes. In this first lesson, Craig teaches the classic "Handsome Molly"...

Oldtime Rhythm Guitar: North Carolina Breakdown (lesson + TAB)

North Carolina Breakdown is thought to have been written by Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith, one of Tennessee's greatest fiddlers (1898-1971). While Arthur's heyday was primarily from the 1920s-1950, he returned to the...

Chinquapin Hunting – fiddle lesson with Dakota Karper

West Virginia fiddler Dakota Karper teaches the popular tune Chinquapin Hunting. This version is most closely related to that of Virginia fiddler Norman Edmonds. Chinquapin Hunting is played in the cross...

Lonesome John – fiddle lesson with George Jackson

George Jackson is a wonderful New Zealand-born, Nashville-based oldtime fiddler and a great, methodical teacher to boot. In this video he teaches a classic modal cross tune by John Salyer: Lonesome John....

Twin Sisters: Fiddle Lesson with Craig Judelman

In this lesson Craig Judelman teaches "Twin Sisters" based on the playing of West Virginia fiddler Melvin Wine. It's a fun, up-tempo tune with lots of opportunity for variety in bowing.