Jimmy Triplett & Howard Rains – Tunes from Clifftop 2019


“The first is a tune call Nancy Ann. I learned it from Mose Coffman on a visit back in 1994. He knew the tune from an older fiddler named Glen Gillespie, but never learned it proper because Gillespie died before Mose could “finish it up.” Coffman’s grandmother sang it: “Nancy Ann’s the girl I like, We went to the ball and danced all night.” Mose said it was a good square dance tune and a “cracking good fiddle piece.”

The other two tunes are from Lee Hammons of Pocahontas County, West Virginia. I learned them from recordings made by Dwight Diller and Gerry Milnes. Actually, from recordings by Wayne Howard, but probably Diller and Milnes too.”

[Notes on the tunes from Jimmy Triplett]

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