Oldtime Bow Holds: lesson with Craig Judelman


There’s lots of confusion about how to hold the bow in oldtime fiddle. In this video Craig Judelman breaks down a variety of different bow holds and discusses their various merits. There’s no one right way, but lots of options. See what works for you.

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  1. Nice video, Craig! It’s great to hear this stuff described by someone who (unlike me) also knows about violin technique. I did a post in my now-inactive fiddle blog that touches on this–and my theory that many of the great old fiddlers used a two-point hold that I’ve dubbed the “old man fiddle claw.” Here’s the link in case anyone’s interested: https://waittillyouhearthisone.com/playing-fast-bob-holts-tomahawk-the-2-point-bow-hold/

    Whatever you’re doing bow-wise sure works. Sounds great.


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