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The Fall Oldtime Gathering

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November 13-15

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Meet & Greets

Alexander technique workshop

(open to all registrants)



Maggie Shar

Bowing Patterns for Clawhammer Banjo
Saturday 10:30-12:00 pm Eastern

This workshop will focus on expressing rhythmic sentences/bowing patterns on the banjo with the goal of injecting more rhythm and groove into your playing. We will focus on 2 to 3 spicy syncopated patterns and will use a simple tune to discuss how to put them in any tune. (Participants should be comfy drop-thumbing).

Emily Mann

Fiddle Tunes Clyde-Davenport Style
Saturday 2:00-3:30 pm Eastern

Clyde Davenport is one of my favorite fiddlers out there! In this workshop we’ll talk about what makes Clyde’s style special, take a listen to some recordings and learn a tune (or two if there’s time!). Bring your fiddle!

Evie Ladin

Clawhammer Banjo: Get Down in Double D!
Saturday 4:00-5:30 pm Eastern

We’ll learn at least one of my favorite D tunes, getting comfortable playing in this tuning. We’ll explore the moveable chord shapes in Double D (Double C Capo 2) and how to play parts in different octaves around the instrument with the most fluidity and ease in clawhammer style.

Jane Rothfield

Tunes from “Uncle” Norman Edmonds and that Driving Galax Sound!
Saturday 6:00-7:30 pm Eastern

This class will focus on learning a variety of tunes from the repertoire of older generation fiddler Norman Edmonds from Hillsville/Galax VA. We will listen to his original recordings, paying close attention to his unique style and rhythms. You will learn a variety of bowing techniques, patterns, slurs, and rhythms to get that driving and melodic Galax sound! During the class Janie will show you how to learn to pick up a tune easier and faster by ear, add more rhythm to your playing and explore rhythmic and melodic variations to the tunes. All are welcome but the class will move at a medium speed and tempo.


Jane Rothfield

Original Oldtime Tunes by Janie Rothfield: Learn from the “Source”
Sunday 11:00-12:30 pm Eastern

Janie will teach a variety of her award-winning original tunes (She is a 2x Clifftop Winner for Best Original Tune), with a focus on the variety of melodic variations, bowing patterns and rhythms she uses that define her tunes and playing. She will also show you the techniques she uses to add speed, chords, harmony and other ways to add pizazz and variety to your playing. This class is open to all instruments. Janie will provide chord charts for rhythm players. All are welcome but the class will move quickly and at an advanced level.

Evie Ladin

Approaching SONGS on Clawhammer Banjo
All levels
Sunday 2:00-3:30pm Eastern

Songs have a less dense melodic structure than fiddle tunes. There are a number of ways to accompany yourself and/or others on songs, including syncopated backups, different octaves, strum patterns and more. We’ll explore what to play while you are singing or harmonizing, what to play when others are singing, and a few approaches to taking instrumental breaks.

Emily Mann

How to Learn a Tune
Sunday 4:00-5:30 pm Eastern

If you’re new to learning oldtime music by ear, this workshop is for you. We are going to start at the beginning! We will cover how to find oldtime source material – places to look, sources to trust and who to ask. I’ll break down some easy tips and tricks for learning tunes on your own at home and how to tell what’s happening on a recording. Bring your questions and your good listening ears!

Maggie Shar

Boom-Chucks and Bass Runs for Guitar
Sunday 6:00-7:30pm Eastern

This workshop will help you solidify your oldtime backup guitar playing. The workshop will cover left-hand practice drills, right-hand techniques and tips, plus a four-chord song with bass runs to get you in and out of all of them.

All workshops will be recorded so you can access the videos from any workshop you’ve signed up for. Go back later to dig deeper into the material at your own speed and convenience.