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Bass overtakes harmonica as fifth most popular oldtime instrument
Drunken frat boy assaulted after requesting “Wagon Wheel” not once, but twice
Records reveal oldtime royalty not really royal
Scienticists shocked to discover that oldtime is actually still new
Clifftop Strip Tease Competition Update: Contestants Asked Not To Remove G-string
Phrase “one more tune” found to be potentially misleading
Springfield police officer Matt Stevens enters mental freeze when he uncovers local punks playing oldtime music
Mississippi Sawyer displaced by chainsaw
UN declares banjo uke “a crime against humanity”
After a decade of brave resistance, Midwest fiddler Laura Heinmann finally retunes to cross A
Stickerville Toilets Vandalized: Police Have Nothing To Go On
Local New Haven djembe player subtly uninvited to next jam
Term “oldtime” deemed politically insensitive to the elderly
Massive backlog of rare C tunes leads to epic 4-hour jam, dorkdom
Wife of Vermont oldtime fiddler hasn’t seen husband “in decades”
Confused bluegrass guitar player keeps asking himself, “Where’s the f**king one?”
West Virginia oldtime musicians narrowly avert brawl by not talking about politics
Lost Girl found
Netherton returns to melody after long separation
Augusta reschedules to February
Maybe the tune is straight and the rest of the world is crooked. Woah!
Bruce Molsky slowly coming to grips with the fact he has groupies
“Lazy” John files defamation suit
Asheville, NC banjo player can’t decide whether to wear his Red Wing or Frye boots to tonight’s jam
Ralph Stanley switches to banjo, harmonica “too hard”
New Study Shows Waltzes Reduce Time Signature By 25% In Mice
Squirrel Hunters erroneously played in G
National Endowment for the Arts grants $12.15 and a six-pack of Mtn Dew to compose “Tenth of January”
“Lost Indian” Exactly Where He’s Supposed To Be

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Pär Persson Mattsson

Hi, I'm Pär. I'm a fiddler raised in Svärdsjö, a small idyllic village in Dalecarlia, Sweden. Folk music has been a part...

Hilarie Burhans

Hi! I’m Hilarie Burhans.  After a childhood spent all over the world, my family moved to Athens, in the...

Dorion de Gobeo – interview and tune

My name is Dorion de Gobeo. I am Canadian, born in Manitoba and raised in the mountains of British Columbia. At...

David Bragger & Susan Platz – tunes and interview

In 2017 David Bragger and Susan Platz released the first oldtime album featuring dual fiddle on all tracks: King's Lament. Bragger...

John Salyer (1882 -1952) – fiddler from Magoffin County, Eastern Kentucky

I once heard a fiddler call John Morgan Salyer “the foremost genius, the Mozart of Old Time”. I can’t really argue with...

Seth Shumate – Oldtime Harmonica

"I'm a harmonica player with a focus on pre-war styles of harmonica from old-time, country blues, early blues, and jug band music. I...

Trish Kilby Fore – Interview and CD review

Trish Kilby Fore grew up surrounded by music in her hometown of Lansing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Her...

Rhona Dalling

Rhona Dalling is a fiddle player and songwriter from Newcastle Upon Tyne. She was early introduced to the folk scene by...

Graham Dezarn

I grew up from the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where I still live.  My parents spent a lot of time...

Caitlin Hearn

Caitlin Hearn is a fiddle player who currently lives in Regensburg, Germany, where she is an English teacher. She got her musical feet wet...

Tom Turino & Shannon Arnold

Tom Turino was a professor of ethnomusicology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 1987 to 2014. He has been playing old-time banjo...

Dave Hoke

"In a public setting such as the inter-web, reflecting on my past makes me uncomfortable. Away from my home, I am disinclined...

Kevin Fore of Surry County, NC and Galax, VA (Carroll County)

If you want to hear a living master of the different styles of clawhammer banjo that emerged from the Round Peak community, listen to...

Ryland Burhans

Ry grew up in Athens, Ohio. While raised around heaps of old-time, he spent most of his teenage years attempting to escape the music...

John Crutchfield

So in Old-Time pretty much everyone has a day job. Mine is being a writer— plays, mostly, although I write poems and stories as...

Rachel Eddy + Roger Netherton

Here's a video I've been dying to get out there. Rachel and Roger very graciously took time at this year's Clifftop to talk about...

Matt Turino

Matt Turino is a great oldtime fiddle player who grew up in Urbana, Illinois. The son of a revivalist oldtime banjo player and ethnomusicologist,...

Jane Rothfield

My journey as a musician has been a long one, since I started playing violin when I was about 6 years old! My parents...

Christopher Suen

I met Chris through the kind of serendipity + hospitality that has characterized most all of my experience in the oldtime community. Chris was...

Iowa fiddler Alan Murphy

Alan Murphy is one of the greats of Midwest fiddling and one who deserves to be known well beyond the region. Born in Sibley, Iowa...

Dante Portella and Megan O’Neill

Megan O'Neill Megan grew up playing classical violin, from 4th grade through high school, and, after putting her violin down for over a decade, she...